Move From Overwhelmed to Partnership!

Are you feeling frustrated because you feel like it’s up to you to do everything? As women we have been conditioned to be the ones responsible for the home and kids. And as society has changed we also have full-time jobs and run companies. But there is still this belief that the home fires are are responsibility alone. On this episode of Belief Busters we will talk to Valerie Recore about shifting this mindset and stepping into partnership with our loved ones.

Valerie Recore – Helps overwhelmed working women shift their habits, manage their to-do lists, and be more productive, so they can work smarter and carve out time for themselves and their families. She is about supporting women to shift their mindset from we have to do it all, and that invisible emotional load that moms tend to take on. Valerie asks women to ponder an important question, where are the partners? She wants women to look at the roles we have been conditioned perform and then ask why are we doing this?

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