Want Peace?

We all say that peace is so important in our lives. But sometimes it seems really difficult to achieve. Well on this episode of Belief Busters we will discuss how important your fully aware presence is to achieving inner peace. If you are feeling as if there are parts of you that must be kept hidden from others, or if you withhold pieces of yourself from other, then you may be feeling burdened. It’s difficult to feel peaceful when you are unable to show up authentically.  Today we speak with Justin Donne who will share tips with you on how to release those burdens, to allow you to be more present in your life.

Justin Donne is a business strategist, coach, consultant, author of several books on Business and Influence, speaker and trainer who’s worked with Disney, Universal, Prince’s Trust, local and National government, and many small businesses. His purpose is to express knowledgeable, thoughtfulness and creativity by reaching out to people in meaningful ways. We will talk about the PEACE Process/system, it’s 5-step process of making peace in your life. @justindonne.

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