Is There Room at the Spiritual Table for You? Part 1

Ever wanted to talk about the religious abuse you have experienced? Well on this episode of Belief Busters Dale Lykins joins us to have an authentic conversation of institutional religion, which often has nothing to do with God. Today, we give you permission to question what you were taught be church authorities and how to make peace with the past while honoring your awakening. Yes, it’s still possible to have a mystical, loving experience with the divine regardless of race, gender, creed, or sexual orientation.

Dale Lykins is a pastor of a non-institutional church, life coach, speaker, and most recently, a writer. His work centers around the profound experience he had finding his true, authentic self, which included coming out as gay man at 55 years old, navigating the unique experience of a mixed orientation marriage, and leaving the institutional church after 30 years as a Methodist minister. Dale aims to help others discover what in their lives is holding them back–whether it be relationships, societal norms, institutions, and more, in favor of living a truer, more meaningful, more authentic life. I’ve invited Dale to talk about religious abuse.

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