Learn How to Stop Anxiety in its Tracks!!

Using this one simple technique shared by JUSTIN FAERMAN and JACKIE KNECHTEL, you can support your body, mind, and heart during the process of change. Once you use this technique you will be hooked and become fearless in your spiritual and emotional intelligence work!

Justin and Jackie are the founding team of The Flow Consciousness Institute, which is a research body dedicated to understanding the mechanics of consciousness, reality, human potential and the relationship between them and using these insights to develop highly practical tools and trainings for the betterment of humanity and all sentient life. Justin and Jackie are pioneers in the art and science of living in flow consciousness. Their work has been covered in Fast Company and Forbes magazine and they currently travel the globe conducting research and hold talks, workshops and trainings on living in ongoing states of flow, applying intuition in life and business and creating success without the hustle and grind. Learn more at https://www.flowconsciousnessinstitute.com#beliefbustersUnity

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