Is Your Life Better or Bitter?

On this episode of Belief Busters we look at beliefs around aging. My guest Rev. Dr. Charles Geddes shares with us his perspective about the hidden vitality in aging. He suggests that if you believe you are not vital by a certain age then your body and life will reflect that belief. But if you let go of that erroneous belief you get to decide if you want to have a better life or a bitter life!!

Dr. Charles D. Geddes is a founding member of the Big Sky Retreat the oldest ongoing metaphysical retreat in the world. He has 50 years of ministry and served on the Board of Directors of International Centers for Spiritual Living. He was awarded an honorary doctorate for his years of contributions and in 2004 voted Minister of the Year. In 2019 he received a Doctor of Divinity from the Affiliated New Thought Networking (ANTN). He is the Emeritus founder of Bridges Spiritual Centers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2020 he launched a new non-profit “M.Y.O.B.” – Mind Your Own Becoming –devoted to addressing key issues of our time to create healing dialog together, enriching our lives, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And — he is moving to Montana!

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