Sacred Medicine for the Soul

This special episode on Belief Busters allows us to honor our ancestors  and ancestry. Using sacred medicine we hold the experiences of our past  traumas and see them for what they are, steps on our spiritual journey.  We can choose to heal the traumas and honor the gifts we received from  our ancestors. This is part one of two episodes.    

Andrew Ecker, author of the ‘The Sacred 7’, his ancestry is Apache,  Irish, and German American. Born into an inheritance of trauma, both his  parents were addicted to drugs and died very young. Mom, Kathy Lindsey  from a cocaine overdose, father, Dale Ecker from HepC caused from  intravenous drug use. Growing up in the height of the Reagan and Clinton  “War on Drugs” policies led Andrew down a path of destruction that  included cocaine and heroin abuse until he made a decision to change his  life while serving 3.5 years in federal prison for drug charges. Andrew  found healing in his life through the use of ancient technologies  including drumming and a ceremonial introduction process of his Native  American ancestry he outlines in his book ‘The Sacred 7’.

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