You’re NOT Crazy!

And you’re not alone! This episode of Belief Busters asks the question of how do we heal childhood trauma. We give you permission to feel those  feelings, challenge the thoughts of others telling you who you were, and to now be willing to change their beliefs to live a life well lived.   

Our guest is Fatima Oliver, she truly believes there is significant  power in the sharing of testimonies. We are all seeking to fill the  holes in our dissoluteness, with light and love. At the age of two she was recovering from burns on 25% of her body. By the age of ten she was emphatically convinced pain and family was synonymous. As an adult Fatima experienced the death of a child, abandonment issues, and physical abuse from a spouse that sent her spiraling.    

This entire journey birthed an inspirational memoir titled, “The  Prescription is in the Dirt”. Now available in paperback and eBook version on Throughout her journey she has learned key truth’s:   Everyone needs a safe place to fall.      Emotions are meant to be acknowledged and not ignored.      A victim-mentality must change to a victor mindset.      It is okay to not be okay. But it is never okay to remain that way. 

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