What if HELL DOES NOT Exist?

What if Hell and Satan were simply constructs created by the Church Fathers to keep us all in line? On this episode we will have a conversation about coming to the awakened understanding that God didn’t create hell, mankind created hell. If God is the frequency of love, then the creation of hell can only be a construct of the human mind in it’s attempts to understand morality, good and bad. What we will be talking about is the damage that some Christian faiths perpetrate on women.

Libbie Molina is a podcaster whose mission is to teach women how to heal trauma, reprogram, transform and manifest their desires using Self Love Magic. She says, ā€œSelf-love isn’t just self-care. It is about wholly and authentically loving all parts of you, even the parts you hide and deny. Self-love is a tool to shape your world. Whatever you see within you, will be mirrored to you in all aspects of life.ā€ Libbie came from a very strict religious household,many aspects of herself and her life had to remain hidden and kept secret from the world. Libbie is a leading Self Love Expert, Conscious Healer and Women’s Empowerment Coach and sees herself as a mystic. Through her programs, Libbie facilitates life changing transformation for women all over the world, taking them from a mundane life to unleashing their powerful self-love magic. https://linktr.ee/lifewithlibbie

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