Spiritual Beings Have Sex Too! Part 1

When we think about our spiritual journey, how often do we think to integrate our sexuality? So often, there is a disconnect between our bodies and our spirituality. I’m excited to have this discussion to open up the dialogue that wholeness requires we celebrate the totality of our being. And that includes SEX!

My guest on this episode is Dan Powers who is a former software engineer with an MBA that turned away from the mainstream ways of making a living to pursue a life of sex and intimacy education. He has seen first-hand how our culture supports a sophomoric and manipulative style of sex. There is much more to sex that insert block A into hole B and once we get past our cultural shame around sex and intimacy, we can begin to create connection in ways previously unimaginable. Dan is a Certified Sexologocal Bodyworker, Surrogate Partner, Erotic Blueprint Coach and Tantra Educator.

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