Myth Busting Finding the Love of Your Life!

If you are in the dating market, looking for everlasting love and  feeling disheartened, this podcast episode is for you. Perhaps, as  you’ve been jumping into the dating pool you may have said these  statements: “Guys just don’t want to date strong women!” Or what about,  “All the good ones are taken!” On Belief Busters Podcast we will look at  what false beliefs may be stopping you from having the love of your  life. We will be speaking with  Bernadette M. Smith who is the founder of Compatible Connections, a  boutique coaching firm that works exclusively with divorced women across  all 50 states.     

Bernadette has over a decade’s worth of experience helping clients find  the love of their lives after divorce and holds a Master Certified Coach  (“MCC”) credential from the International Coaching Federation.  Bernadette’s unique approach to coaching is rooted in her study of  Adlerian psychology, a school of thought that emphasizes the importance  of a client’s core values and the importance of relationships.  Bernadette has worked with hundreds of clients whose stories mirrored  her own. Bernadette finds it a privilege to help other divorced women  re-discover the joys of dating and coupling. You can learn more about  Bernadette and Compatible Connections by visiting her website at

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