Your Emotions are the Roadmap to Your Awakening!

Awakening tip: Have the emotional reaction, become aware of it, sit with the emotion, recognize where it resides within your body. Then become the observer of the thoughts that you are holding which are creating the emotions and the world you reside in. The observer is the essence of who you are and the observer is the awakened one. You are not your thoughts or emotions; you are so much more.

Erin Mac – has been a coach for 15 years and have been a successful entrepreneur for 20 years. She has all the business acumen to help companies create the outcomes they want (scale up, reach monetary goals, reach industry goals, prepare and sell, etc.) and as importantly she facilitates a mindset workshop that helps develop leaders so that they can enjoy their company again, create a company culture that is productive and inspired, and find balance between their professional and personal lives. Erin’s passion is about helping people get out of anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed.

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