Religion is NOT God

Religion is mansplaining. We both discovered this truth even though our paths to spiritual awareness were vastly different but very similar. So we decided that on today’s episode to talk about our beliefs around God, indoctrination of religion versus Divinity, and what it takes to awaken to the awareness that we are all divine humans. 

Emily Adams Emily is a business coach, speaker and writer passionate about  inspiring others to step into their own power as they level up their  life and business. Born and raised in the Amish culture she always  wondered if there was more to life and could one find true happiness?  Knowing she was made for more she made the decision at 17 to leave the  culture and everything she had known her whole life.

After  leaving the culture she got her GED with hopes to go to college but then  became pregnant at the age of 18 and married at 19. A year and half  into the abusive marriage she knew she had to get out but felt stuck  since she just found out she was pregnant with her second son. Fast  forward two years she left the marriage and became a single mom.

New  to being a single mom and still having the feeling that she was made  for more she made the decision to change her life and she joined a gym  and enrolled in college. Four years later she graduated from Purdue with  a Bachelor’s degree as a single mom working full time. She also lost  over 65lbs. and found a passion for powerlifitng.

Landing the  corporate job she always dreamed of having, she soon realized that she  was called to make a even a bigger impact in the world. She made the  decision to leave the corporate world. After years of chasing happiness  wondering what her calling was she found one of her purposes in life was  to inspire other through teaching, coaching, speaking and writing as  she inspires others to change their perception and step into their own  power and live a purpose filled life. You can reach Emily at her website: or listen to her on her podcast: The Emily Adams Show

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