God as Benevolent Father

On belief busters podcast we have created this new series to discuss beliefs about God, Religion, Spirituality, Divinity, and Intuition. This space is for you to hear what folks think God is, how their perceptions have changed, what works for them, or no longer serves them. This conversation is sacred, affirming there are multiple paths to have a connection to source. The beliefs of the individual does not reflect my personal beliefs. I invite you to Join in the conversation.

Christine Garner: Has overcome a lot in her life. She once was a part of a Doomsday cult, and was taught that she would die at a young age. Christine’s success is a powerful story of overcoming limiting beliefs. She owns commercial security business. Teton Smart Security. But she really feels called to Guide people to live a life of fulfillment. So of course also has a coaching company, Envision Your Purpose. I’ve invited Christine to speak about her own evolution of her understanding of God. You can reach her on Facebook, Instagram, or http://www.minh-minh.com/?fbclid=IwAR2uE9-zg4QApn0XMKkrTNbElz0lpeQEP_-_bSKerBmy3iw1gKpndDsTsPY

*Belief Busters cannot be held liable for utilizing the services of any guests.

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