Parenting Our Parents – Part 1

Sometimes it can feel like we are the only ones dealing with parenting our aging parents. But you are not alone! So many of us now find ourselves in the similar situation of being the caretakers of our mom and dad. On Belief Busters we want to support you on this journey. We’ll give you tips and tools you can use to make the best choices for your parents, while also taking care of yourself. Our guests Kim and Mike Barnes have become a wonderful resource for those who are walking this path in life. 

Kim and Mike Barnes each spent almost 30 years on Austin television.  But they have a new passion project that was inspired by Mike’s Mom’s battle with Alzheimer’s. Parenting Aging Parents was born from this experience. Parenting Aging Parents is more than just interviews.   It’s become a community of support for people with aging parents. They want people to know they’re not alone.

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