What if YOU are God’s Beloved – Part 1

Is it really possible to change the beliefs that have been forced upon us about what God is and who we are to God? On this episode of Belief  Busters Podcast we will discuss religious indoctrination versus spiritual truth. Our guest Amy Nordhues and I will discuss that religion designed by humanity may not really be what God intended.  

Amy Nordhues is a survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and sexual abuse as an adult at the hands of a mental health professional. She is a  passionate Christ-follower and expert on the healing God provides. Amy has a BA in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Criminology. Her  devotions have been published in The Secret Place (Judson Press). She  blogs at www.amynordhues.com. A married mother of three. Amy has written a memoir entitled Prayed Upon: Breaking Free from Therapist Abuse.

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