The Season of Creation – Spirituality Talk Series

Did you know there are multiple creation stories? They come from different belief systems. Each story has a wonderful way of explaining, what sometimes feels unexplainable. Perhaps, as we listen to these stories, we may think they are wild and crazy.  Maybe we even judge these early writers as primitive and uneducated. But is that any crazier than the stories we believe about our own creation and who we are in the world?

A huge part of the shadow work is looking at the stories we believe are true about ourselves. Because those stories are the energetic field in which we attract to us those things that resonate. If our creation story is of unworthiness, then we will attract more situations that confirm our unworthiness. While if we have done our shadow work, then our energetic field changes and we attract things of a higher vibration, such as peace and harmony. Like attracts like. It’s all about resonance.

As a child you may have internalized their words and actions to infer you are a bad child. As children we don’t have the mental capacity to separate their words about us as not a definition of us. So, as kids, each time these things occur, we absorb them as this must be, who we are. Now as adults our brains and emotions are highly developed and if we do our work in psychological intelligence and self-awareness, we have the ability to realize there is more to the story than how we understood it as a child.

So, with this updated information we can modify the story.  In our present moment awareness, we can realize that our parents reacted to us from survival instincts and their reactions to the incident is no longer a defining moment in our psyche.  As adults, awakened in consciousness, we have the capacity to bring the child’s perception of trauma, and merge that with our new level of understanding. It’s an opportunity for us, as evolved divine humans, we are creating new endings for the same story.

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