Soaring into Greatness!

This episode of Belief Busters discusses shifting from the not good  enough belief into Soaring into Greatness!    

Gail is a powerful, inspirational and entertaining speaker, author,  performer, and facilitator, who is totally blind. Her unstoppable  soaring spirit has led Gail to publish her memoir “Soaring into  Greatness: a Blind Woman’s Vision to Live her Dreams and Fly.” She has  experienced firsthand what it is like to cope with, and overcome a  disability, walk through societal, personal, and career discriminations,  and how to endure mental and physical atrocities. Gail has learned that  we must choose to align ourselves with our passions, focus our mind’s  attitude on positivity, and take action allowing us to harness our  adversities and break through our barriers creating a life of greatness

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