Does Life Have to be Hard to be a Success?

Where do we get the belief that life is hard and you have to work yourself to the bones to have the American dream? It’d reinforced in our society to work hard to be a success. The step to wholeness can be a terrifying leap of faith, but so rewarding. Moving from external factors being the definition of who you are, to no longer needing to rely on job, raise, partner to define your worthiness. My spirit made the choice to be on this realm, honor that and have the best experiences of spirit and humanity.

Dmitria Burby is launching her first book in the fall that is a memoir of her healing journey as she moved from corporate executive to rediscovering and connecting with her soul and spirit, allowing her to unlock the life that she always dreamed of. Dmitria says the core of this healing journey is to let go of the belief that was handed down to her that life has to be hard, that we have to work ourselves to the bone in order to find success. She had to discover that success does not equate to happiness, that there is a whole other way to approach life. Dmitria feels her calling is helping women reconnect with their soul/spirit.

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