Are You a Real Man? Don’t Stop, Keep Moving!

As we continue this series in discussing the masks and roles men have accepted as the norm, we talk about the beliefs around men and aging. We interview Rev. Jim Mullis on his beliefs of being a vibrant man regardless of how old he is. He dives into life! His take away is don’t stop, keep moving. Keep moving mentally, Keep moving physically, Keep moving emotionally, Keep moving spiritually. Lean on the spark of divinity within you and find others who do the same!

Rev. Jim Mullis and his wife Rev Donna Summers live on Plash Island, a small island near Gulf Shores AL. From this idyllic setting he has served as a chaplain at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, been a guest speaker at churches in Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, Kansas and Florida. His mission is to serve a ministry that provides Truth teachings to interested Truth students and is socially active in service to the homeless, including homeless US Military veterans. He states that this requires him to learn, affirm, live and teach Truth Lessons and live a life centered in prayer and meditation. He and his beloved Rev. Donna are active wedding officiates in the Alabama coastal and western Florida areas. He and Rev Donna co-created and co-led a workshop on Conscious Creative Dating for those over 50.

Jim is also the founder and Managing Director of Mullis Consulting Services. He provides consulting expertise in the design and implementation of executive compensation, sales and incentive plans, base compensation coupled with performance management, and benefit programs. He has assisted in the implementation and communication of these plans. Jim has more than 30 years of experience in compensation and benefit management, including work with large employers in domestic and international compensation. 

In 2016, Jim and Rev Donna started Unity Church Gulf Shores. They are an open and affirming church in a previously fundamental and politically conservative community. In addition, they are active in the LGBTQ+ ally community and also the Black Lives Matter support movement, such as it is in our area. They support the local community through the Christian Service Center and Family Promise. He is a 2013 graduate of Unity Institute and Seminary at Unity Village MO and was ordained at that time. He and Rev Donna share five children, five grand children and two grand-dogs and two grand-cats. He is an effective speaker, counselor and chaplain. You can reach Rev. Jim at

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