Are You Above or Below the Line?

Join us on Belief Busters Podcast as we discuss with Rev. Ali Benjamin the wisdom of womanhood. As women get older there are wonderful roles to embrace such as mentor, wise woman, collaborator, and guide. This is a juicy time of life.

Rev. Ali Benjamin is the Board President of the Affiliated New Thought Network.  She is the founder and director of the Satya Center for Spiritual Living in Ogden, UT, and serves the Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment in Big Bear Lake, CA, as co-spiritual leader.   Ali is a painter artist whose spiritually inspired art is embraced around the world activating awakening and healing. Ali and her husband Michael enjoy “God on a Joyride” adventures in their OM Shanti hOMe (camper van), they travel interviewing thought leaders and sharing their empowering message of overcoming life’s challenges, living unconditional joy, and activating authentic power. I’ve invited Ali to talk about women embracing getting older in our society. That we can release the erroneous beliefs we may have that as we age we somehow lose our appeal or place in the world. Today our intention is to focus on embracing our divine truth as wise women. Ali is here to share her Wisdom with us.

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