Advocate for the Girls!

Who knew holding an error belief about your body and health screenings could put your life in peril? Join us on Belief Busters as we honor Breast Awareness month. We discuss the myth that once a mammogram gives you the all clear you can be assured you don’t have cancer. Let’s talk about a life saving tip you may not be aware of and question your belief about the doctor knowing your breasts better than you do. 

Leslie Ferris Yergeris a Tedx speaker, first time author of Probably Benign, and a women’s advocate with a laser focused mission. Leslie was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in November 2017 after an ‘all clear’ mammogram and ultrasound, experiencing first hand the failings of our current breast cancer screening technologies. She is now determined to advance the next generation in breast cancer screening, so that her story does not become your story.

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